Benefice Vision Statement

Benefice Vision


Our Core Vision:


Everyone in our villages will be drawn closer to Jesus through contact with our local church community


To make this a reality we will:


  1. Take active steps to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, as individuals and as a church, and be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Find different ways of sharing faith with others, including those within our communities, helping and encouraging each other to do this.

  3. Seek to be inspirational in our worship, group activities and social events so that what we do makes an impact upon others.

  4. Use small groups to engage others, particularly in the areas of outreach and spiritual nurture, ensuring our approach is relevant to their needs.

  5. Put resources into work with children and young people recognising that this area is a crucial priority.

  6. Be active in the local community, ascertaining people’s needs and seeking to respond in appropriate ways.

  7. Take an active interest in wider issues of social and global concern through prayer, giving and other responses.

  8. Organise what we do and manage our buildings in ways that help, not hinder, the mission and ministry of the church.

  9. Communicate our priorities clearly both within the church and to the wider community so that people know what we stand for.

  10. Be united in our common purpose, but free to express it in our own way.



The Ministry Team – August 2009