Annual Report & Accounts St Andrew's

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St Andrew’s Church, West Hatch

in the

Seven Sowers Benefice 

(Beercrocombe, with Curry Mallet, Hatch Beauchamp, Orchard Portman, Staple Fitzpaine, 

Stoke St Mary (with Thurlbear and West Hatch)


Annual Report and Financial Statements 

of the 

Parochial Church Council

            For the year ended 31st December 2017               




The Revd Paul Reynolds

The Rectory

Stoke St Mary


TA3 5BX 



St Andrew’s, West Hatch, is a church in the Seven Sowers Benefice which comprises the separate Parishes of Beercrocombe, Curry Mallet, Hatch Beauchamp, Orchard Portman, Staple Fitzpaine, Stoke St Mary (with Thurlbear) and West Hatch.  The Benefice is in the Ilminster Deanery, part of the Diocese of Bath and Wells in the Church of England.

St Andrew’s Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a charity exempted from registration with the Charity Commission and has the responsibility of co-operating with the Rector, the Revd Paul Reynolds, in promoting the whole mission of the church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical within the ecclesiastical parish of West Hatch. 

The PCC has maintenance responsibilities for the St Andrew’s Church Grade 2 listed building, the internal fabric of St Andrew’s and associated property.


The Revd Paul Reynolds was assisted in the Benefice by Associate Ministers, the Revd Mary Godin and the Revd Christabel Ager, along with Brian Crudge, Clive Hayward, Phil Albrow and Sue McKen who are members of the Ministry team. In addition, a new Children and Families worker, Holly Stevens, took up office in September 2017, after James Hall left the post in July 2017. She is employed solely by the Benefice. The Revd Mary Godin retired towards the end of 2017 and the PCC hope that a House for Duty Post will be forthcoming in 2018.


During 2017 there have been two regular services in St Andrew’s each month. These followed this plan: 

 1st Sunday: no service, 

 2nd Sunday: 8.30am BCP Communion, 

 3rd Sunday: 10.30am Benefice Parish Communion (for all the parishes in the Benefice) with Sunday Gang in the Village Hall, the children and Leaders joining the service for Communion, 

 4th Sunday: no service.

 5th Sunday: a 10am Benefice Communion Service is held for all the parishes which alternates between Beercrocombe and Orchard Portman churches.

During the year St. Andrew’s also offered an Easter Sunrise Service located at the Scout Hut in West Hatch.  Benefice-wide lunches also took place in the West Hatch Village Hall and the annual Christingle Service was followed by refreshments provided by the Village Hall Committee. There was a well-attended Commemoration Service to recognise the services of John Collins VC in WW1, followed by the unveiling of a plaque at the front of the Village Hall, where he went to school.

Membership and Officers

At the APCM there were 24 members on the Electoral Roll. During the year there have been two additions and three losses, with the membership set at 23 at the year end.  

The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation Rules. 

All Church attendees are encouraged to register on the Electoral Roll and stand for election to the PCC at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

At the 2017 Annual Parochial Church Meeting the following officers and PCC members were appointed.

Incumbent:                                                       The Revd Paul Reynolds (Chairman)     

Churchwarden:                                                 Mr Kelvin Lee (Left appointment on 17/09/2017) – currently vacant.

Deanery Synod Representatives: None

Elected Members:       Mrs Vera Cottey-Williams                       Mrs Susan Lee

Ex-Officio Members:   Mr Peter Baverstock (Treasurer)             Mrs. Margaret Luck (Minute Secretary)

The full PCC met 5 times in the year, including the Annual Meeting. 

The only Sub-Committee of the PCC is the Standing Committee, as required by law, which comprises the Incumbent, Churchwardens, Treasurer and Secretary.  It did not meet separately during the year. 

Kelvin Lee remained the sole churchwarden during the year, but retired and left the parish in September 2017.  Since then we have been unable to recruit a replacement for these duties.  Sue Lee also retired at the same time as her husband, resulting in the loss of the regular organist. The PCC thanked the Lees for their lengthy contribution over many years to the Parish and we wished them well in their retirement in Wales.  They were replaced by two newly co-opted PCC members, Mr. Greg Walters and Mrs. Marion Kerr, at the November meeting. 

Sidespersons:  No formal appointments were made. However, newcomers and parishioners were welcomed at all services.

Church Services and Attendance

In addition to those Services mentioned above the Women’s World Day of Prayer was held on 3rd March 2017 at St. Andrew’s Church and was well attended from across the Benefice.

On Easter Day a Sunrise Service was held for the Benefice at 6.30am at Slough Green. This was attended by people from across the Benefice and was followed by bacon baps and coffee (kindly organised by the Scouts).  

The Christingle with Carols Service collection raised £181.58 for the Children’s Society.

The Harvest Festival Service was held on 1st October and the Church was decked with local floral and vegetable offerings.  Vera Cottey-Williams ensured the involvement of many who live in the Parish and worked hard to encourage attendance.  She also enabled a special service to take place for her family in August, with a collection for the Church.

The biggest challenge of the year was that of a continued ageing parish population and the PCC became reliant on non-church members to carry out its duties, especially with the loss of the Churchwarden and another PCC member. At one point there was only one PCC member who was an active member of the Parish. We were fortunate to engage two new members who are regular Church attenders by our November meeting.  In addition, work was undertaken to increase the number of people in West Hatch, who make monthly financial commitments to the Church.  This has enabled us to move into the 2018 year with renewed enthusiasm and confidence   

During 2017 there have been no Baptisms, no Weddings and one Funeral at St Andrew’s Church. 

Review of the Year 

A  Plant and Produce sale was organised by Vera Cottey-Williams and held in May in the Village Hall which was an enjoyable and successful event which raised £524 for church funds on the day.  A further £97.80 was brought in though a car boot and cake sale.  

The church structure has continued in very reasonable condition with general tidying of the churchyard as necessary and repairs to the Church wall at the front entrance.  

The small band of helpers has worked hard to maintain the running of the church as efficiently as possible. 

The Parish Share for the year was £5,736.

Maintenance of the churchyard grass has been carried out by Mike Pettitt keeping the churchyard neat and tidy.  Once more the Parish Council has contributed £210 per year to our annual £585 cost of churchyard maintenance.  Repairs were required to the front wall and undertaken by Jeremy Bowerman. Michael Horsey is again to be thanked for keeping the grass in St Andrew’s Field under control. 

The church continues to enjoy good relations with the Village Hall Committee, each supporting the other’s events.

Plans for additional fund-raising activities for 2018 have been set in place and also links for the new year with Thurlbear School and the Village Hall Committee, to secure a long term future for the Church.  It is hoped that improvements will be made for access to the field. 

As you will see the result for the year is fairly similar to the previous year: a deficit for the year£2775 which is an improvement of £829.

Fundraising brought in £764, with 2 major events held during this year.  Vera Cottey-Williams is to be congratulated for her work in arranging the Plant Sale in May, the car boot sale, tea and cake afternoons and a cake and coffee morning in November. As church membership falls it is harder to find enough people to organise more events, but those events we do have are well organised and well supported, which is much appreciated by all.

We continue to benefit from the hard work of the parish magazine team, with our share of the surplus from advertisers being £1012 for the year.

Our assets and liabilities are shown on page 5 and are fairly self-explanatory.

Our forecast for 2018 shows a similar pattern with a possible balanced budget or even a small surplus thanks to an increase in monthly giving.


We continue to use a beautiful church building that is peaceful and is being supported by Churchgoers and non-attendees, alike. We offer a warm welcome to all. We ask you to join us in praying that God will bless this special time and equip us all (physically and spiritually) for this and whatever else 2018 has in store for our Church and Parish.

Approved by all members of the PCC and signed on their behalf on 26 April 2018 by:

Paul Reynolds    Rector and Chairman  


Prepared March 2018 by Margaret Luck Minute Secretary to the Parochial Church Council

and Peter Baverstock, Treasurer to the Parochial Church Council for the year 2017.