Benefice Plan

Benefice Development Plan

Through our teaching, worship and activities, we seek to put mission and evangelism at the heart of all that we do.

Using the Five Marks of Mission as our basis, we have a Benefice Development Plan.  It has been important for us to reflect the strength of Community and breadth of diverse views across the Benefice. 

The seven headings in the plan under which the vision for the Benefice is set out are the following:

  1. To encourage a vibrant Christian faith in our members lives;
  2. To encourage small home groups within church;
  3. To develop work amongst children;
  4. To develop work amongst 13-40s;
  5. To develop leaders with the church (every member ministry);
  6. To utilise ministerial gifts to the full;
  7. To ensure the needs of older people are adequately addressed.

Below you will find the Benefice Development Plan set out in table form. It is constructed around the idea of a journey, something our facilitator suggested. God’s people, from the Old Testament into the New are called to be a pilgrim people, on the move, not static and settled. In fact, when they settled down and became comfortable, complacency set in and they failed to live as God intended them to.  It shows the milestones that mark the progress we have made, recognising that there is still much to do in an ever-changing community.



Where do we want to be?

How will we get there?


What will we need for the journey?

How will we know when we have arrived?

Action to date


To encourage a vibrant Christian faith in our members lives

Systematic Sunday teaching programme;

Training/quiet days;

Sharing of testimonies;

Devise worship that inspires drawing upon various liturgical resources.


On-going training for those ministering;

More feedback from members on what helps them grow spiritually.

Church members are growing in their faith, sharing it, using their gifts to further the life and ministry of the church and serve those around them.

Lent services and special events;

Church members involved with mission activities e.g.. Open the Book, Messy Church, School experience days, Prayer Visiting.

Magazine content.


To encourage small groups (home groups/ house groups) within church

Work towards a small group in each community (identify leader/host);

Testimonies from group members;

Personal invitations.


Group leader training;

Agreed programme for groups;

Better publicity and promotion.

Small groups established and thriving across the Benefice;

Belonging to a small group becomes the norm.

Groups operating at BC/CM/HB (Family Focus) SSM;

Annual Alpha Group.


To develop work amongst children

Appoint new children’s worker for Sept. 2017 and agree with them priorities for the work.


More people to work with appointee to implement the priorities;

On-going training for all involved in children’s work.

A vibrant and effective ministry which is reaching children across the Benefice

and laying a firm foundation of faith for them.


Holly Stevens appointed Sept. 2017 (20 hrs a week);

Open the Book; Messy Church; HBK;

Twice yearly Benefice WfA;

Holiday Clubs;

Experience days in schools;

Mums & Tots.


To develop work amongst 13-40s

Look at what others have done, what worked well and why;

Strengthen existing contacts established through baptisms/weddings and schools;

Review our current worship pattern in light of the above.


Research and assessment of what is happening elsewhere;

Finding out from our existing contacts what might attract them to explore faith;

Sunday worship review.

The age profile of those connected to the church lowers;

Greater ‘retention’ of those who come to us for the occasional offices;

Church seen as attractive for this age group.

New worship pattern from Jan. 2015;

Messy Church (now growing and attracting new families);

Benefice Worship for All

(attracts 80 to 100);

Baptism follow up breakfast Jan. 2018;



To develop leaders within the church/every member ministry

Identify gifts and skills and how they might be used;

Appoint more lay leaders to Ministry Team;

Lay leaders for different areas of church life.


Gifts and skills survey;

Training courses;

Mentoring of leaders.

Church members fully engaged in the mission and ministry of the church and enjoying the part they play;

Leadership spread more widely and not concentrated on a few.

Reader licenced Oct. 2018 and Ordinand began training Sept. 2018;

People involved with Open the Book, Messy Church and SFP informal service


To utilise ministerial gifts to the full

Ministry Team to undergo review with external ‘consultant’ leading to better understanding of members gifts and skills and working as a team.



Critical friend to assess and advise Ministry Team

Working agreement within Team.

A strong and cohesive Team which provides inspirational leadership to the whole Benefice;

Each member plays to their strengths and so enhances the effectiveness of the Team.

Elaine Faull worked with Team May to July 2015 and produced report which was discussed with Team, churchwardens and PCC members.


To ensure the needs of older people are adequately addressed

Develop the Benefice pastoral team;

Establish what care is being provided and by whom;

Consider new initiatives if required.


On-going training for pastoral team;

More volunteers to work in this area.

Older people feel cared for and supported by the church community;

Their insight and wisdom is valued and used;

Individuals do not slip through the net and remain unsupported.

Neroche Lunch;

SSM & WH afternoon teas organised by church members;

Nursing Home HC and Cygnet Hospital service;

Benefice lunch;

Round Window Club.