Youth Worker Fundraising

To Members of the Blackdowns Local Ministry Group Community

Pay for a Day
Funding Appeal for Children’s, Schools and Families Worker

For the last seven years, the communities of the twelve churches in our Local Ministry Group have supported a full-time Youth Worker with the help of a grant from the Diocese.  Through your faith and generosity our Youth Worker Cheryl has been in contact with at least 450 children every week during term time.  She has made friendships with families, led Open the Book bible telling sessions or Assemblies in all five of our schools, kept children’s clubs going, worked to develop Messy Church, run holiday clubs and provided worship in our churches and village halls.  Clearly having a dedicated Youth Worker makes a tremendous difference to outreach in our community.

As Cheryl’s term of employment finishes in August we now need to advertise for her successor.  It has always been our aim to make funding for the post sustainable and the Four Pints of Milk appeal has gone a long way to support this.  However, the grant funding has now finished and we need to raise more money.  In total we need to raise £30,000 a year to cover salary, pension and expense costs.  This is why we are launching the appeal ‘Pay for a Day’.
Over the last few months PCCs have given thought and prayer to the way ahead for Children’s, Schools and Families work beyond next summer.  The PCCs have been encouraged by the relationships that have been built up over the last seven years and the richness Cheryl’s presence in our schools has brought.

We are asking for your help and support to fund this important post.  Please make a pledge NOW, so that we are able, by the first Sunday in March, to show that Children's Work has a real future in our parishes. 

A pledge of just £7 a month will pay the Youth Worker’s salary for a day.  If 365 people were able to pledge giving for ‘a day’ the target would be reached.  Not everyone will be able to make this commitment.  If you would like to support this appeal and are able to do so please consider giving a greater amount.

Yours faithfully

Jim Fallon,                Paul Reynolds,
Rector of the Blackdown Benefice     Rector of the Seven Sowers Benefice

/content/pages/documents/1454769892.pdf If you would like to make a regular donation please click on the link to download a form to set up a Bankers Order.