♦  Seven Sowers Benefice  ♦

Bell Ringers

Each of the churches has a bell ringing tradition.  

I am sure that most people appreciate hearing the bells of our
churches ringing out on Sunday mornings to call people to
worship. Some of our seven churches have strong bell ringing
teams but others are in need of ringers. If you are a lapsed
ringer who would like to pick up a sally again or if you are
someone who has no experience but would like to find out more
please contact your local Bell Tower Captains as follows:

Beercrocombe:  Elaine Tudor 01823 491389

Curry Mallet:  Sally Down 01823 481146

Hatch Beauchamp: Rupert Ryall 01823 480898

Orchard Portman:  Ken Bidgood 01823 421269

Staple Fitzpaine: Paul Hart  01823 480769

Stoke St Mary:  Rachel Drew 01823 332688

West Hatch:  Peter Comer 01823 481886

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